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Team Check In Details

Age Divisions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 (8th Grade) & 14U (9th Grade) check-in Knoxville, TN West Town Mall

Knoxville Check-in hours are 1pm - 9pm (eastern time zone). Teams be SURE to arrive by no later than 8:45pm. NEW attendees just FYI the later you arrive be prepared to wait, please be patient. 

***Please do NOT arrive at check-in earlier than the start time. You will not be able to get in early we don't begin until start time.   

KNOXVILLE CHECK-IN LOCATION (1pm - 9pm Eastern Standard Time) West Towne Mall.

Age Divisions 10U, 12U CHECK-IN LOCATION (6pm - 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time)

Rocky Top Sports World (Gym)
1870 Sports World Blvd
Gatlinburg, TN 37738


If you have difficulty registering our address in your GPS system, please use the alternate address of:

150 Proffitt Road
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Rocky Top Sports check-in hours are 6pm-9:30pm Eastern time. 

Teams come ANY time between the listed hours at your age divisions location. Makeup check-in will be early Saturday morning at "John Tarleton Park" for ALL ages NOT playing at Rocky Top Sports World, if playing at Rocky Top Sports then your makeup will be there. Makeup check-in must be approved by tournament director BEFORE the tournament begins, i.e. anytime before Nov. 15th the head coach or team mom must email in explaining why someone can't make the check-in, we will approve or deny based on reasoning. Only 1-2 kids per team MAX will be approved for makeup check-in. Please note there are NO make up check-ins at any facility not named Rocky Top Sports World or John Tarleton Park

Check-In process is the following:
- All players in attendance (with team jerseys OR team apparel on)
- Coaches have your "team books" (including birth certificates, player waivers & roster with jersey #'s, player name and birthdates on the roster). Be prepared to turn in a team roster at check-in (this will stay with tournament staff). This is VERY IMPORTANT!
- All players will weigh-in and receive their arm-band which is to be worn all weekend long. Players MUST repeat process if arm-band isn't on.
- One coach per team MUST sign-in to receive "Coaches Pass" - one coach signs for ALL coaches
- All players need to be in team apparel (jerseys, team hoodies, sweats, etc.)