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19th ANNUAL "Kickoff Classic" ~ Aug. 2nd - Aug. 4th, 2024 Don't Miss It!!!


2024 Kickoff Classic Hotel Accommodations (post early May) DO NOT BOOK DIRECTLY WITH HOTEL YOU MUST USE OUR HOUSING SERVICE: 

Start making plans to attend the 19th Annual can't miss pre-season event that will take place Aug. 2nd -Aug. 4th. Teams will begin traveling in on Friday (some earlier) and that evening we have our team check-in, weigh-in among other fun activities. Games begin Saturday morning and the event concludes Sunday evening w/ championship games and awards following. Every team is guaranteed at least three games. "As a lot of coaches have said there is not a better way to prepare your team(s) for the upcoming season than attending the Kick-Off Classic". 

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ~ Deadline to enter is July 25th (all registration forms and fees must be in by then). To be guaranteed your accepted into the event have forms, fees, etc. in on time. 

Teams annually attend from across the Southeast & Midwest to play some football and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Knoxville. This has quickly grown into the largest and best Pre-Season Classic in America!!! Make sure you're team is apart of it. The first 16 years were huge successes, it was a great way for teams to work out some early season kinks and get a leg up on there league competition. We've received a lot of great feedback on how much this event helped teams get ready for league play. Almost every team who came and competed only had a week or two of practice time. No one team looked to be in mid-season form, it was just a great way to play some pre-season games and get ready for the season. Everyone had a great time, it was a very friendly but competitive atmosphere all weekend long. Start making your teams plans today so you to can be a part of the action in this can't miss event. So come out, August is just around the corner. 

This event is played under all high school rules except a couple minor things (check rules tab for more rules). All players in all ages must have there birth certificates with them at Check-In/ Weigh-In (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!). Details will follow on where CHECK-IN will be. Every team must make hotel arrangements through our housing partner. You can stay where ever you like as long as it is on the "approved list". This makes sure you stay in a nice place and everyone has a good time.

Each team is guaranteed to play at least three games (not all in one day nor back-to-back). The event is played in a true tournament modified format. This allows for only one team to leave champion and one team to leave runner up per age division (championship game is decided on the field not by a tie breaker). Remember to check the rules tab for specifics... 

There will be a professional photographer on-site all weekend long capturing the memories by taking team photos and action game shots. The photos will be available for viewing and purchasing on-site. There will be plenty of tournament t-shirts on sale all weekend. 

You can find contact information under (contact info) tab to the left. We hope to see you in Knoxville next August. You don't won't too miss this!!!

This is the best way possible to get your team ready for regular season play. Every single team attending has the same goal, I heard this quote from at least twenty of the head coaches that attended "there coming b/c they want to get some good work in to get ready for the regular season challenges".

In closing we hope you select our first class event so we can show you how great of an event we put on. Remember to read the site carefully so you'll have a better understanding of all the rules and necessities. We hope you take us up on our invitation and see you in August at the nation's best Kick-Off Classic!!

$250.00 per team (must be in on or before 7/25)
$300 per team if pay late. .